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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Price referring to on the accommodation listings?
The Price is the approximate cost in Euro for a double room.

Q. How do I make a hotel reservation from the Slovakia Travel Guide?
Once you have read all about a hotel or pension in the database and have decided that you would like to make a reservation, you simply click on the "RESERVATION" button and you will be re-directed automatically to that hotel's reservation and booking system. NB. We advise that you check the prices of the accommodation carefully before going ahead with the booking. The price quoted on the Slovakia Travel Guide is an approximate price in Euro for a double room and is not in any way guaranteed.

Q. Some of the regions on your maps are different to those on a regular map of Slovakia, why is that?
We created the maps ourselves, with the tourist in mind. We have split the different kraj (e.g. Zilinsky kraj) up into traditional regions, such as Orava, Liptov, Saris, Spis etc. In some areas, we have also added the surrounding area of a large town or city, such as Trencin or Kosice. We have also included busy tourist spots separately, such as Bratislava City, Kosice City and the High and Low Tatras.

Q. I noticed that some of the hotels and pensions have testimonials. Can I add a testimonial to a hotel?
A. Yes, please do! All you need to do is send an email with a comment about your stay, your name and country.

Q. I can only see hotels and pensions in the Slovakia Travel Guide. Where are the cottages?
We are currently working on finding the best cottages and rentals in Slovakia and are looking to include them within the database in the near future.

Q. I am the owner/manager of a hotel, pension, cottage in Slovakia can I be part of the Slovakia Travel Guide?
A. Yes, of course. As long as your hotel/pension/cottage is of an acceptable standard you can be listed within the Slovakia Travel Guide. Please send an email for more details.

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